My friend, Capt. Jean-Jacques Trochon introduced me to Xelliss (Natura4Ever) technology and culture of their A3Nat spirulina in bioreactors.

Well yes, it is clear that in real life all spirulina are not created equal. Several of my clients with autoimmune diseases, in whom commercial spirulina cause severe reactions, tell me that NaturaBlue or NaturaGreen were perfectly assimilated without any side effects.

JJ introduced me with his legendary patience, the unparalleled quality of A3Nat spirulina  from Xelliss and together we experimented with homemade kefir made Ketosana enriched grains combined with Xelliss products.

Spirulina presents extraordinary “prebiotic” properties. Which increase the biological activity of kefir on the microbiome and in the body.

JJ for practical reasons, mixes the NaturaBlue rich in phycocyanins directly with his morning kefir.

Many also like to mix in 300-400 ml of Ketosana kefir with 3 gr. of NaturaGreen powder in the evening and let the mixture rest in the fridge overnight, until the next morning.

The main thing is to understand that the union of kefir and phycocyanins brings an increased in several dimensions cellular health. a complete paradigm shift.

You have to try it to feel it.

And it works !

For a healthy treat:

The addition of crushed red berries is delicious.

Kids and teens love it.




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