Heïva Monoï de Tahiti Satin Papaya 150 ml


A monoi oil that moisturizes and takes care of your skin. It does not leave a greasy film on the skin and makes it easier to wear. A softness on the skin every day provides well-being and soothing. Its sweet scent of tiare flower plunges you into the paradise islands of fenua.

In care on the skin: This monoi oil hydrates and softens your skin. It is able to create a protective microfilm on the skin to enable it to fight against external aggressions: Sun, wind, sand, salt, …. Antioxidant, monoi protects your skin and prevents skin aging.

In care on the hair: It has a fortifying action on the hair. The monoi moisturizes them which has a “sheathing” action on the hair fiber. The scales tighten, reducing the appearance of frizz and beautifying your hair for a dreamy mane. We recommend its application as a pre-shampoo, once a week on the lengths and ends. Leave on for 3 hours to overnight, then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

As an after-sun treatment: It relieves redness due to sunburn, but also the burning sensation that is felt. Its emollient properties prevent the elimination of the superficial layers of your epidermis, which will prevent you from “peeling”.

CAUTION: Some people use it as an ultra tan, but this product is devoid of sun filters and therefore does not protect against UVA and UVB rays. This product is recommended for beautifying the skin outside of its hours of sun exposure.

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